Left Lower back pain during the pregnancy (29 weeks)

E.W. 39 years old

When I first met Mrs. EW, she had been suffering from lower back pain for a few days and could hardly walk. She was limping and in pain, which had increased in the past two days. Her obstetrician suggested she make an appointment to see me. First Visit During our first consultation, Mrs. EW was using the wall as a support when she was walking. Her treatment began with her laying on her front, using the special pregnancy cushion. My diagnosis was the misalignment of the pelvis joints (Sacral Iliac joints), which resulted in reduced mobility of the lower level of Lumbar 4th and 5th and further resulted in pelvic imbalance. She was also suffering from pain in the thoracic muscles in her upper back, especially between the shoulder blades, and there was little mobility in her ribs.
After the first treatment she was still experiencing pain, but to a much lesser degree.

2nd Visit Her discomfort had lessened but was still present. When placing weight on her left leg whilst walking she felt increased pain. I noted her mobility in her rib and thoracic region had regained mobility and the pelvic balance was improved, although not 100%. She reported feeling increased mobility after the treatment.

3rd Visit She presented with an inflammation of the bladder – possibly as a result of spending the day before the appointment at an amusement park when the weather was cold. She had used a wheelchair whilst at the park. She still felt pain when walking but the balance of her pelvis and the muscle tone around her pelvis continued to improve. I placed kinesio taping on her Lumbosacral area to increase relief from her symptoms.

4th visit Her walking was much improved and the bladder inflammation was better. During the treatment I talked about exercises and self-care after the delivery.

5th visit Mrs. EW was able to walk without pain and run too. She planned to give birth near to her parents home and spend time with them after the delivery. At this time I shared information I have gathered from other pregnant clients. My 5 sessions with Mrs. EW were during the 29th and 30th weeks of her pregnancy. Her delivery was safe and uncomplicated, in a natural manner. She had no reoccurrence of her issues after the delivery. Now, she is enjoying her time with her newborn baby.



Chiropractic can enhance your natural healing power by balancing your entire body, mainly through the spine. Most mothers choose not to take medicine whilst pregnant, except in cases of chronic disease or illness. Chiropractic treatment is effective to improve lower back pain and will help with other symptoms and prevention of musculoskeletal problems. Whilst pregnant, women’s bodies produce hormones that relax the body, causing the body to become more flexible than normal. These hormones enable the body to adjust during the growth of the fetus. If suffering from chronic musculoskeletal symptoms, I recommend that expectant mothers seek chiropractic treatment. With good balance and improved strength, stability and flexibility in her muscles, I believe a mother can enjoy her pregnancy period with no pain. Some mothers make good use of this period to improve their fitness habits and their chronic symptoms. Most mothers have symptoms when they first come and see me and 3 – 5 sessions are normally enough to improve their condition. After recovery from the initial symptoms, mothers come every 2 – 3 weeks for the remainder of their pregnancy to maintain their good balance, and for the health of their fetus. My technique does not involve the ‘cracking adjustment’. We gently manipulate the spine – so gently that some mothers fall asleep during the treatment. Any pregnant woman may seek this treatment if they are not suffering from fever, bleeding or tightness of their belly. I also expect to improve the position of breech presentations before 35 weeks of pregnancy. I had only experienced one case where I was unable to improve the breech presentation – and according to her obstetrician, that was due to a very short umbilical cord.

Pregnancy is the opportunity to live with your unborn baby. It gives me great joy and happiness to support mothers and their unborn babies during this time.


Hiroshi Yamada B.App.Sc. B.C.Sc.