5 layers gaze hyblid mask made by soki

We pray for the people infected by COVID-19 and the people related with them.

The COVID-19 is still spreading around the whole world and yet we do not have critical treatment for that. It is getting more important to keep good hygiene and good health for the prevention. In our clinic, we ask to our clients to wear the mask to take the treatment. We decide to ask our clients who do not have the mask or forget the mask to purchase our mask. Here is the information about our mask we prepared.     



maru15 layers gaze hyblid mask made by soki

Our pants and 100% gaze gowns are made by soki. The owner made them by his hands one each. Every day we washed and used them. They stays in good condition for years and actually become more soft and fit to our skin. Especially people have very sensitive skin, appreciate the texture of our gaze.

The mask the owner of Soki made is the one he put one chiffon layer between the gaze. 

There is one research about the mask performed in April at US. They tried to figure out what kind of material make the filtration more effective and also check how it change with layers and combinations. They checked with n95 mask, surgical mask, cotton, silk, chiffon and see the filtration. Their conclusion was that if we combine different materials, it emerge the static electricity between and that electricity made better filtration than the single material layers. They also suggest that the gap of the mask made the difference of filtration.

Based on this research, we select the materials and pursuit the fitness of the mask. We thought about giving you disposal mask. But, we consider about the person who has the sensitive skin, and also we want everyone to stay safety and healthy. With the wish of your long term health by soki, which is same wish with us, we decide to provide in our clinic. Of course, you can purchase the mask at Soki too.      

maru1We have Adult size and Child size.

maru1Adult colors are purple and indigo. Child colors are blue and pink.

maru1The price is 700 yen. (Tax included)


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